Wearable Computing Center WCC Engagement Grant


The WCC announces its first engagement grant program, open to faculty/students/research scientists of Georgia Tech.  Grants can be used to support the development of new hardware or new applications; fund the design and evaluation of new wearable technologies; or create new opportunities for internal or external collaboration, such as through workshops or speaker series.  Our hope is that the engagement grant will help inspire a sense of collaboration, and will help aid in the creations of projects showcasing wearable technology’s potential.

WCC will announce the winner or winners of the 2014 WCC engagement grant at the inaugural Wearable Computing Center Forum on November 11, 2014.

Wearable computing has been an active area of research in the academic world for 20 years. In that time researchers from fields including computer science, electrical engineering, augmented reality, textiles, architecture, psychology, and fashion (to name a few) have worked together to build a rich body of knowledge. These researchers have invented technologies, built and tested applications in the field, and worked with users of all types to discover how to apply wearable computing concepts effectively in domains such as manufacturing, public safety, military, health and wellness, assistive technology, gaming, agriculture, architecture, sports, social computing and the list goes on. So why does the average consumer not have access to wearable devices and applications of all types? This is because the field was waiting for two major changes to occur. First the technology used for research was often expensive and/or fragile. The equipment was sufficient to build prototypes and to run experiments, but there were few systems that were robust and cost-effective enough for large scale deployment. Now with the rise of powerful mobile devices coupled with the very recent emergence of consumer accessible head-mounted displays from companies such as Google, Vuzix, and Oculus we now have technology platforms that are mature and affordable. Next, we had to wait for society to be culturally ready to embrace wearable computing. Millions of people have experienced how a constantly accessible mobile device can improve their lives and now they are ready for an even tighter coupling between their minds and their devices. We are now we at the cusp of wearable computing becoming pervasive in our lives, but there is considerable work to be done to transition these concepts from the research lab into the our daily lives.    


Anyone with an active GTID number is invited to apply. 

  • Undergraduate Student groups needing funding for project materials (student groups will require a faculty sponsor as a point of contact for funding).
  • Graduate Students looking to jump-start a clear research directive in wearable technology. (graduate students will require a faculty sponsor as a point of contact for funding).
  • Faculty needing funding to complete a specific wearable technology project
  • Research Scientists looking for funding to start up research, which will have a wearable technology outcome

Students and or student groups will need a Faculty Member / Research Scientist as a point of contact for the award.

A member from each selected engagement grant must attend the WCC Forum on November 11, 2014 to give a brief presentation on their project idea.


Projects with a prototype or visual outcome will be highly favored.  How is wearable technology helping solve a problem in a functional and aesthetic way?  Multidisciplinary groups from across different colleges on campus will also have a greater chance of winning.  The grant can be used for the completion of class projects as long as the project outcomes can be promoted on the WCC website.  Winners of the engagement grant will be expected to complete their project by June 2015, and the outcomes will be displayed / presented on the WCC website http://wcc.gatech.edu

Applications should include/be:

  • No more than three pages (not including images)
  • Include a section “Project Description” describing the project goals and schedule
  • Include a section “Benefits and Outcomes” here is where you sell your project, what are the benefits, how does the project have a life past this initial start up period
  • Include a section “Community Engagement” How can this project engage the GT community or community beyond GT? 
  • Include a section “Faculty / Team” with each member and a very brief bio sketch.
  • Include a section “Budget Justification” How much, and how will you use the money you are asking for?

Due: Applications are due on October 31st, 2014.  They should be emailed to info@wcc.gatech.edu


Awards will be given as needed for each project selected.  Awards can be up to but not exceed 10K.  Smaller Material and Supply awards will be given preferred treatment, but greater awards can be given to deserving proposals.