"Professor on Fire" Shawl

The “Professor on Fire” shawl was designed by Clint Zeagler (WCC Program Manager), Jessica Pater, and Ceara Byrne to be worn by Elizabeth Mynatt while being recognized as an ACM Fellow.  The shawl acts as a personal spotlight, reacting to the noise of applause with pulsing light.

The world’s leading computing society has honored IPaT Executive Director Beth Mynatt for her significant contribution to the development and application of computing. The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) named Mynatt a new Fellow in December for her work in human-centered computing and the development of health information technologies, and formally recognized her at its annual awards banquet on June 11th in San Francisco.

“The awards ceremony honored the top tier of the computing field, including the two Turing award winners. It was an amazing event and I’m deeply honored to be recognized as an ACM Fellow,” said Mynatt.

Mynatt established her Everyday Computing Lab at Georgia Tech in 1999, which investigates emerging interaction techniques, research methods, and applications that are compelling and effective in a world where computing technologies are ubiquitously available yet integrated into the social fabric of everyday life. Mynatt’s focus on everyday computing requires understanding people in the context of their everyday lives, so she often assembles multidisciplinary teams with psychologists, designers, and healthcare workers.

Zeagler is the Program Manager for the  Georgia Tech Wearable Computing Center. Mynatt asked to wear the garment in order to highlight Georgia Tech’s work in human-centered and wearable computing.